Owner Rob Reyes

Rob Reyes is the primary DJ/Operator of DeeJayPros.  As most DJs, Rob got his start playing music for his friends and family at small events in the mid 80’s.  By the 90’s, Rob had become a well established club jock in the San Francisco Bay Area playing at legendary venues like the Sound Factory, Club Townsend and City Nights to name a few.  Rob is also responsible for the infamous “Mad Radio” mix tape series which sold thousands around the country and was nominated for various awards within the industry.  In 97’, Rob was recruited by one of San Francisco’s biggest radio stations to be a on air mixer.  

Rob has entertained hundreds at a time in the clubs and thousands more on the radio.  However, he never forgot his roots which was mobile deejaying.   With all this experience and the support of his family and friends, DeeJayPros was a natural  evolvement for Rob.